The cool thing about Harald (Harry) Benz is you cannot put him in a box: Try as you might, it never works. Pin him down as a brilliant, award-winning photographer on one side and, out from the other, pops an equally terrific designer. Admire this, and the next day he’ll surprise you with another skill; may that be innovative typography or his excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail visible in his leather creations. – By now it may not surprise you anymore to learn he is in fact a trained goldsmith: A profession that laid the foundation for his incredible skill set.


Harry and his work are in a constant state of evolution.
Born and educated in Germany, he got exposed to graphic design and the world of advertising. He studied Visual Communications and finished in record time. All that while already working in one of the best ad agencies in Germany.
Advertising set the stage for Harry to dabble in everything from broad strategy and ideas to the fine detail in execution.

Today, Harry lives in Toronto, Canada, where he works as photographer and art director. But the next minute he might be a designer and maker of fine handcrafted leather accessories for photographers.