There's reason to my madness.

I am a photographer myself. As such I have, like you, certain requirements in mind when it comes to accessories for my camera(s). Strangely, the one piece in this puzzle that always left me searching for something better is the most basic one: a nice and functional strap. So after much research, here's what makes my straps different.



The leather I use exclusively for my straps is Water-Buffalo, which is one of the most aggressive, toughest-hided creatures in the Animal Kingdom. It is far superior in quality to cowhide and therefore more expensive. It is stronger, tear-resistant, yet flexible and smooth. It has classic good looks and will burnish handsomely with age. Unlike cow leather Water-Buffalo does not stretch at all. Furthermore, it does not have a fleshy underside; which in fact is the very reason why cow leather straps become in a short period of time so darn slippery! – In contrast my straps won't get slippery. Ever.

Wearing Comfort:

When it comes to design, making things complicated or cumbersome is easy. Simplicity, on the other hand, takes effort. With that in mind it is easy to understand why I am not a big fan of shoulder pads and I regard them more as an excuse rather than a solution to a problem.

A camera strap is a simple thing. It deserves better. After much experimenting I figured out what I believe to be the perfect ratio between leather thickness and strap width to make for a very comfortable wearing experience. All my straps are 13mm (0.51") wide and have a thickness of about 4mm (5/32") at the point where the strap goes around one's neck. To make for a more elegant look the thickness tapers down on both sides to about 3.2mm (1/8").

Form + Function:

Call me picky but my biggest pet peeve are those ugly dog-eared protector pieces most straps come with to keep the metal rings from scratching against the camera body. So instead of 'covering up' the problem I got rid of it by designing the connector pieces in a way that makes it impossible for the rings to touch the camera in the first place.

By doing so, I managed also to solve another potential problem: It is flat out impossible for the metal rings to work their way out of the strap!

Furthermore, because I am only using high quality, stainless steel split rings with a high memory factor that snap back into place after insertion, they won't work their way out of the camera's strap eyelet either.


Standards rarely work well for people. That's why my straps come with one or more options and are exclusively made to order.

The Details:

When it comes to putting everything together, you won't find me cutting corners. Unlike other manufacturers I don't outsource or use short-cuts like rivets, staples and such: Every step is hand crafted. Pieces are carefully glued together and then saddle-stitched by hand.

Speaking of which, there’s a reason why I go the extra mile of employing a two-needle saddle-stitch. Unlike machine stitching it won't unravel if ever a stitch should break.

Last but not least, all my strap creations are based on the same, above philosophy. When it comes to their design on the other hand, they only have one thing in common: A unique look unlike any other strap on the market. A bold, yet subtle statement of each owner’s individuality.