Customer Feedback

"I just had to write to thank you for the La Cravate you made for me. It’s simply the best quality camera strap I’ve ever seen. And your packaging is amazing – the hand-painted lid and wax seal really reinforced the experience of receiving something that you have hand made. The whole unboxing process was wonderful. I’ll definitely be back for my next strap.”

Brett Patching – Aarhus, Denmark


"Wow Harry! I'm totally impressed with my brand new camera strap. It's so reassuring that somebody is still making a quality product these days. With all the disposable junk from China and elsewhere, it is a great feeling to receive something of this quality and craftsmanship and thought. Many thanks. You should be proud of what you've accomplished."

George Scafidi – California, USA

"There's nothing quite like knowing what you want and knowing that most of the offerings out there that look good theoretically will, in practice, disappoint you in one way or another, and then suddenly finding out that there is a possibility that you could get exactly what you're looking for and then actually receiving what you were hoping for. 
Not what you're necessarily expecting (since more often than not you expect far less than you hope for, because humans tend to be overly optimistic by default when we think of possibilities and that inevitably leads to disappointment and tempered expectations and whatnot), but instead what you were actually hoping for. 
Perhaps it seems a bit silly to get so excited and gushy and whatnot over something as simple as a camera strap, but I think excellence deserves getting excited over, especially when good straps are so very difficult to find, let alone great ones.

Erko Ever – Tallinn, Estonia

"I recently ordered and promptly received a Urushi (classic black with red trim) for my Leica. I could not be more pleased. It is a perfect complement to any fine camera, especially a Leica: well-conceived and reduced to the essence and essentials (Das Wesentliche) elegant and understated, long-lasting, comfortable, made to measure, and of fastidious hand craftsmanship. The black model with red trim goes ever so tastefully with the Leica colors and red badge. The camera feels so comfortable with it that it makes me want to wear it more, reducing the number of regrets from missed opportunities.”

Robert Dilworth – New York, USA

"The straps arrived today and they are fantastic!
Your craftsmanship is outstanding and attention to detail is second to none. I look forward to using them on my fine cameras for years to come.”

Albert G. Lukas – Virginia, USA


“I've been using the strap in the last two days and I must admit that it is great! Really the best strap I ever had.”

Goffredo Plastino – Northumberland, England


“There is one word and that is "WOW" Nothing but "WOW". Thank you.”

Vipul Patel – Ohio, USA


“A Harry Benz camera strap is soft but not stretchy, elegant yet comfortable to wear. The straps are individually handcrafted with various options for customization. Harry's craftsmanship is second to none. And his attention to detail is impeccable. I wear my Leica camera nearly everyday, and it's the most comfortable strap I have ever owned.”

Roger Yip – Toronto, Canada


“Yes, I have received the strap, and I took my time in opening the box. It is a beautiful strap, I love it. As you said in your description earlier, it is a match made in heaven for the Leica M. I have not put it in my camera yet, and I'm taking the time to fondle it and in time, I will attach it in my camera. Thank you so much in making the measurement so exact as I ordered it. It was perfect.”

Rita Lyman – Hong Kong

“The Benz Camera Straps family offers a range of models including the Urushi, which incorporates meticulous construction with a sense of aesthetic that has no equal among today's mass produced goods. – I got the very first one but I did not put it on my Leica right away, because I was extremely demanding towards it; I wanted it to be flawless or else it simply wouldn't be right for me. I waited and, in the meantime, just to find out what it could withstand, I used it for many "emergency" purposes: One day it was employed as a collar for my friend's Border Collie (she even fetched sticks from the lake with it)... Another day it replaced her leash, and another one it came in handy to string together a bunch of fishing roads during a boat trip...
Finally, after all this ordeal, I deemed it worth to share with me all the adventures I go through in my exciting photographic career. I know it is here to stay.”

Mauro Metallo – Toronto, Canada


“Excellent workmanship and design! My new camera strap nicely compliments my Leica Monochrome. The strap hangs perfectly. I am very impressed with its quality, comfort and wearability. I don't miss the frequent ritual of untangling my old strap. I just put my camera on and go without any fuss. I don't hesitate to endorse this product.”

James R. Lemon – British Colombia, Canada


Some weeks ago I attended a workshop with Adam (Marelli) and at the end of it Adam made a drawing and I was the lucky guy who won a Harry Benz Urushi strap. In the past I tried a lot of straps for my Leica (silk cord, synthetic, leather etc.) Some were comfortable but I didn't trust the lugs other were sturdy but impossible to wear. The Urushi is very comfortable to wear around the neck or like I do very often wrapped around my wrist. I don't think that the lugs will ever wear off and let the camera fall to the ground. Finally the look of the Urushi strap is great and the red rim goes very well with my Leica M. I do really enjoy the feel of this strap and I am pretty sure, after having used the strap every day for several hours the last 3 weeks that it will last very long if not forever. Thank you so much Harald and Adam.” (Received via Facebook)

Serge Béip Bebing – Luxembourg

Strap arrived safely and I attached it to my Leica M this morning. Harry, I am so pleased with it and I'm so pleased that I discovered your wonderful work. I will pass the word on to my photography friends. Blessings.

John Weller – Bradford, UK

Received my strap about two weeks ago. Amazing quality strap. I don't see myself buying anything else than Harry Benz straps in the future! You've got it all right, sir!

Mårten Stenberg – Stockholm, Sweden

Just received the two straps today and they are BEAUTIFUL!
They are exquisite and hand made. I will show them off at work tomorrow. I teach photography at Colorado Mountain College in Colorado....

Klaus Kocher – Colorado, USA

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciate your amazing workmanship. Simple subtle and understated. What a great camera strap! 
Thanks for caring shows.
PS: If you ever make anything else put me on the mailing list.

Evan Cohen – Maryland, USA


I received my strap the other day in the mail. Thanks!
It's a beautiful, simple, and functional strap. It feels good around my neck and it matches my vintage cameras wonderfully. I particularly like the elegant design of the ends where it protects the camera without those ugly flaps of leather. I've ordered premium camera straps from around the world, and now I found what I think is the best one, and it is made right here at home in Toronto!

Walfun Luey – Toronto, Canada


“I just wanted to send a message your way and thank you for the camera strap! It is absolutely amazing!! Having gone through countless straps I must say I am truly impressed. Guaranteed I'm ordering another one soon. Thanks again!!”

John B. Rasor – Georgia, USA


“Just received the package today; it's even more beautiful and well made in person. Thank you - it's awesome.”

Brad Reisner – New York, USA


“The Urushi strap arrived yesterday in the post. I'm trying to not use hyperbole, but I have no choice…  Impeccable, Stunning, Elegant, Superb, Exquisite, Sexy, and Effective...
I'm quite pleased. Thanks so much!”

Fran DeRespinis – North Carolina, USA


“I just received my La Cravate strap and am 100% amazed at the fine craftsmanship and quality. It fits like a glove, looks great with my Leica M240, and is exactly what I needed. I want you to know the wait was completely worth it, and if anyone needs convincing please refer them to me. Thanks again.”

Ron Rampolla – Florida, USA


“I have received and very much enjoy the La Cravate Pinstripe. It is vastly superior to other wrist straps that I have. The design "remembers" its position and permits easy removal without loosening. Yet is ready to self tighten if required. I appreciate the clever detailing at the ring connection which prevents marring of the camera finish without cumbersome bumpers. The color stripe is a stunning compliment to my M6.”

Patrick Vennari – San Francisco, USA


The wonderful little Cravate arrived today in Tokyo. Love at first sight, my friend. Believe me when I say that I have handled and seen a lot of leather straps by Artisan&Artist et al. and your Cravate is in a class apart. I think the word "substantial" and "solid" comes to mind. Almost everything out there (to be perfectly honest) is flimsy. Your strap has a confidence-giving solidity that would warm the heart of any photographer, it makes you want to take that Fuji XT1 and do some serious shooting. … thank you for the superb craftsmanship and the excellent service.

Francis Harrison – Tokyo, Japan


“Dear Harry, thank you again for the beautiful strap. Just came back from a long Europe trip testing the strap, and have recommended it to everyone on the trip. A strap that has so much love from the maker (you), always sits close to my heart. Will never take this off my Leica :)  Lots of love, Eric.”

Eric Kim – International Street Photographer


“Harry, You are the fuckin' man!
You have crafted a true work of art, both box and strap! The length is also excellent, exactly how I like it (long enough to wear over the shoulder). 140cm will be the default length for me, which is notable going forward given that I'll surely place another order with you again in the future (I like that new Monochrom strap of yours, as well as the urūshī).
Harry, thanks again for all your detailed, hard work as well as excellent customer service and your kindness also. I truly appreciate all your efforts. I will speak highly of you as an artisan and as a human being to others. I'll promote both your character and your craft. Gratitude my good man.”

Cris Medina – New York, USA


“OMG ... got home late last night from Europe. What a wonderful delight to find your beautifully boxed camera strap waiting for me.
Put me down as 10/10 satisfied on all counts for craftsmanship, design, materials, comfort and usability.  Harry, please accept my profound thanks. You rock!”

Michael Lee – Georgia, USA


“Yesterday I’ve got the Urūshī-Dō and La Cravate - absolutely awesome! 
The look, the style, the finish, the feeling – so smooth, the paint – what an artwork! And these carton boxes – the most beautiful wrapping I’ve ever seen!”

Urs Klaus Hänni – Bern, Switzerland


“I received your parcel today and I want to thank you for such beautiful work. All good things take time and I am truly in awe how well thought out and exquisitely crafted these two straps are - I can not tell you how elated I am. Rest assured I will be putting these to very good use with my new Leica M/M 246 and M/P 240, even more inspired and confidant than ever. I look forward to placing more orders…”

William Gregory – Maryland, USA